Month of September , 2007

Just for Fun: BAFAB


Well I know there is a day or a week to celebrate just about anything and everything but I was so excited when I heard about this one that I couldn’t resist sharing the news. The first week of each of four months---in January, April, July and October----has been designated “Buy A Friend A Book Week.”

Granted it was created by an author but wasn’t she smart? Debra Hamel said she thought of it one night while laying awake after an emergency diaper change. You can bet that when my book is published, I’ll celebrate the day!...


How to handle a breakup


The sudden loss of a close friend can be as painful as breaking up with a romantic partner, especially if you are the one who was left behind. Read my latest article on how to handle a failed friendship on


Rx for making friends: One small step at a time


Anyone who is shy knows how difficult it can be to enter a room, a cocktail party, a classroom, or any other new situation and come face-to-face with a room full of strangers.

I recently experienced this discomfort when I signed up for a Scrabble course at my local library. I immensely enjoy playing the game whenever I can muster up a partner. Although I am nowhere near the level of a tournament Scrabble player, I play well enough that no one I know likes to play with me...


Are you or your friends digitivity denizens?


If you’ve never heard the term before, Ann Mack, director of trend spotting for JWT (the largest advertising agency in the U.S.), uses the term “digitivity denizens” to describe those of us who straddle two worlds, the real world and the digital one.


According to a report by Reuters, the agency surveyed more than 1000 Americans to find out how technology was changing their lives and behavior. We’ve come a long way, baby. Only a fifth of the respondents said they felt comfortable remaining offline for a week...


The worth of friends who have been there


Some of the problems life hurls to us are so complicated and overwhelming that they are hard for our closest friends and family to understand. When those problems affect our children, it leaves parents feeling particularly vulnerable and alone.

Such was the case for the Janice Bonis and her husband who couldn’t figure out how to help their son, Michael. There was no shortage of well-meaning, but ill-advised advice, from those around them. Some told them to be more lenient; others told them to be more strict...


Saying NO to Friends: An interview with psychologist and author Susan Newman, PhD

NO Book Jacket-Final.jpg

Social psychologist Susan Newman, PhD, a colleague of mine from the American Society of Journalists and Authors, is author of The Book of NO: 250 Ways to Say It—and Mean It and Stop People-Pleasing Forever (McGraw-Hill, 2006) and a dozen other relationship and parenting books.

Susan graciously agreed to participate in an interview for this blog about the relevance of her book to female friendships...


Loneliness is bad for your health

It has been well-established that loneliness and lack of social supports are linked to an increased risk of heart disease, viral infections, and cancer as well as higher mortality rates. Now for the first time, a research team at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has found evidence suggesting that social isolation is linked to alterations of the genes that drive inflammation, the first response of the immune system...

Celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day – Today, September 17, 2007

small Delta Gamma.jpg
Kappa Delta Sorority, the sponsor of National Women’s Friendship Day, has compiled a list of ideas for telling our friends how much they mean to us today! I‘ve listed the best of them and added a few ideas of my own:

The Fruits (and Vegetables) of Long Friendships


Today I saw my friend Vikki for the first time in a long time. She lives about two hours away from my home (without any traffic on the Long Island Expressway). The geographic divide between us as well as the hectic pace of our lives could have wreaked havoc on our relationship, but the two of us seem to slip in and out of each other’s lives with flexibility, grace and forgiveness. The roots of our friendship run deep---forty-one years to be exact---and we are not about to give that up...


Friendship by the Book: To My Dearest Friends


With great wit, Patricia Volk has captured the essence of female friendships in her new novel, To My Dearest Friends (Alfred A. Knopf, 2007). If you enjoy the humor of Woody Allen, read this book.

After their best friend Roberta Bloom (Robbie) dies of breast cancer, two of her friends get to meet each other for the first time: Nanny Wunderlich (a psychotherapist turned Carnegie-Hill realtor) and Alice Vogel (owner of a upscale Madison Avenue resale shop)...