Fractured Friendships - The Friendship Blog Newsletter Periodic updates on The Friendship Blog and my upcoming book on female friendships en The Friendship Blog Newsletter - February 26, 2009 <p> Have you been reading my posts on <a href="">The Friendship Blog</a> this month? If you haven't, this is what you've missed:<br /> <br /> February 1<br /> <a href="/">Co-rumination: Is it healthy for adolescents to rehash their boy problems?</a><br /> A research study looks at the impact of adolescent girls who constantly talk to one another about guy problems <br /> <br /> February 2<br /> <a href="/blog/bonding-when-things-go-bad">Bonding when things go bad</a><br /> A post about a female support group called Dating a Banker Anonymous (the women who started the group later admitted that their story, published in the New York Times, was an exaggeration)<br /> <br /> February 3<br /> <a href="/blog/reader-q-love-possessed">Reader Q &amp; A: By love possessed</a><br /> A reader writes about her overly-possessive friend<br /> <br /> February 5<br /> <a href="/blog/good-enough-friend">A &quot;good enough&quot; friend </a><br /> A reader is haunted by a friend who has told her she isn’t “good enough”<br /> <br /> February 8<br /> <a href="/blog/girlfriendology-inspiring-female-friendships">Girlfriendology: Inspiring Female Friendships</a><br /> An interview with Debra Hauppert, the girl behind Girlfriendology, an online community for women that aims to celebrate, appreciate and inspire women <br /> <br /> February 9<a href="/blog/better-or-worse-weddings-and-friendship"><br /> For Better or For Worse: Weddings and Friendship</a><br /> Part 1 of an interview with wedding expert Sharon Naylor, author of 35 wedding books<br /> <br /> February 11<br /> <a href="/blog/ettiquette-what-say-and-what-do-when-your-frien">What to do and say when your friend gets a pink slip</a><br /> A link to my podcast on Girlfriendology on how to handle a friend who gets fired </p> <p> February 11<br /> <a href="/blog/shes-just-not-you-six-ways-know-when-girlfriends-frenemy">She's Just Not That Into You: Six ways to know when a girlfriend's a frenemy</a><br /> My advice on how to recognize a friend who’s not a friend (also appeared on The Huffington Post)<br /> <br /> February 12<br /> <a href="/blog/friendship-book-second-chance-jane-green">Friendship by the Book: Second Chance by Jane Green</a><br /> My thoughts about this latest book by chick-lit author Jane Green<br /> <br /> February 12<br /> <a href="/blog/valentines-day-not-just-lovers">Valentine's Day: Not Just for Lovers</a><br /> A new look at what Valentine’s Day means to friends, a memorial tribute to my dad<br /> <br /> February 16<br /> <a href="/blog/double-trouble-losing-two-friends-once">Double Trouble: Losing two friends at once</a><br /> A reader writes about her misfortune of losing two close friends in close succession<br /> <br /> February 17<br /> <a href="/blog/better-or-worse-weddings-and-friendship-part-ii">For Better or For Worse: Weddings and Friendship - Part II</a><br /> The second part of my interview with wedding expert, Sharon Naylor<br /> <br /> February 20<br /> <a href="/blog/just-do-it-putting-fractured-friendship-behind-you">Just Do It: Putting a fractured friendship behind you</a><br /> A reader expresses her discomfort in getting past a friendship that has fallen apart<br /> <br /> February 22<br /> <a href="/blog/reader-q-unable-let-go">Reader Q &amp; A: Unable to let go</a><br /> A reader is unable to let go of a toxic friend who always causes her great pain<br /> <br /> February 23<br /> <a href="/blog/friendless-seattle">Friendless in Seattle</a><br /> How can a middle-aged woman be unable to keep a friend?<br /> <br /> February 24<a href="/blog/friendship-and-money-shes-fired-youre-not"><br /> Friendship and Money: She's fired, you're not</a><br /> The first part of an interview with journalist Emma Johnson, who covers money and finance topics for<br /> <br /> February 25<br /> <a href="/blog/writer-asks-how-could-my-colleague-and-friend-undermine-me">A writer asks: How could my colleague and friend undermine me?</a><br /> A colleague of mine expresses her disappointment at being shafted by a writer-friend </p> <p> <br /> February 26<br /> <a href="/blog/till-kids-do-us-part-kristina-sauerwein-babycentercom-interviews-me-about-pregnancy-motherhood-">Till Kids Do Us Part: A interview on pregnancy, motherhood and friendship</a><br /> Kristina Sauerwein’s two-part interview with me on <br /> <br /> And the month still isn’t over! Well, it almost is---and if you live in the northeast like me, we'll all be happy when the bitter winter months morph into spring.<br /> <br /> My blog readership is on a steady ascent, thanks to you. My book is slated for publication by <a href="">Overlook Press</a> this coming September, finally. </p> <p> Please continue to visit <a href="">my blog</a> and share your questions, comments, anecdotes, stories and thoughts about your friendships (including the ones that got away)---and to share the URL with your real friends, Facebook friends, and MySpace friends. </p> <p> I'd also very much appreciate your signing up to be my fan on <a href="">The Huffington Post</a> and chiming in there when you have something to add. </p> <p> In friendship,<br /> Irene </p> <p> <i>You received this newsletter because you signed up for it---if you've changed your mind, just let me know and I'll remove your name from my mailing list.  </i> </p> <p> &nbsp; </p> The Friendship Blog Newsletter Fri, 27 Feb 2009 01:56:29 +0000 Irene 288 at January 29, 2009 <p> Dear Friend:<br /> <br /> Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter. The latest post on my blog is called <a href="">The Sometimes Friend</a>. </p> <p> <br /> It responds to a letter from a reader named Tara, who has trouble making the &quot;best friend&quot; cut and who seems forever relegated to the lonely role of the &quot;sometimes friend.&quot; I've given Tara some advice about how to overcome this hurdle and develop more intimate relationships. Please feel free to join in the conversation if you have other thoughts to add.<br /> </p> <p> <br /> I was excited to learn this week that my book, <i>Best Friends Forever: Surviving the Myth</i> will be released in September, 2009 by <a href="">Overlook Press</a>. </p> <p> &nbsp; </p> <p> Please know how much I enjoyed blogging and interacting with women across the world who are as interested in female friendships as I am. Talking openly about our friendships enables us to learn so much from each other. As always, I appreciate your visiting <a href="">my blog</a> and sharing your questions, thoughts and concerns. </p> <p> &nbsp; </p> <p> I think I've worked out the kinks so I can send these mailings to you more regularly (Well, actually it was my son who worked his magic!).  </p> <p> &nbsp; </p> <p> Best,<br /> Irene<br /> <br /> Irene S. Levine, PhD<br /> Freelance Journalist &amp; Author<br /> Professor, NYU School of Medicine </p> <p> <i>You are receiving this newsletter because you signed up for it. If you have changed your mind and don't want to receive these brief updates, please email me at: <a href=""></a> and I'll remove you from my mailing list.</i> </p> <p> &nbsp; </p> The Friendship Blog Newsletter Thu, 29 Jan 2009 02:09:59 +0000 Irene 267 at